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Ansikte Vase

Ansikte Vase

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Add a unique and stylish touch to any tabletop with the Ansikte Vase. This modern decoration has been expertly crafted from glass and crystal, with intricate detailing that’s sure to turn heads. Intended for use as a tabletop vase, the Ansikte Vase is perfect for bringing an artistic flair to your décor. Light reflects off the various glass and crystal elements, creating an interesting effect that’s sure to draw attention from visitors to your home or office. With its chic design, rustic appeal, and undeniable quality, this piece is certain to take pride of place in any room it inhabits. Let the Ansikte Vase become the highlight of your next gathering – order yours today!



Details:Style: Modern

Material: Glass & Crystal

Function: Tabletop Vase

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